In 2013 SCR Transported More than 3.2 Million Tons of Cargo and More than 415 Thousand Passengers
In January - December 2013 South Caucasus Railway transported 3275.2 thousand tons of cargo and 415.4 thousand passengers. In the reporting period SCR volume of freight decreased by 5.3% compared with 2012, while passenger traffic increased by 4% (from 52992,0 thousand passenger/km to 55123,8 thousand passenger/km).
In export traffic throughout the year 456 tons of cargo was transported by rail, imported 1260.7 thousand tons, and in local traffic 1558.5 thousand tons.
In the nomenclature of the goods carried the past year in particular non-ferrous ore (1.3 million tons), grain cargo (over 455 tons), oil loads (276.8 thousand tons), building materials (133.5 thousand tons), cement (more than 110.2 thousand tons) dominated.
However, only in December SCR transported 245 tons of cargo: 29.7 tons in export, 120 tons in the import and 95.3 thousand tons in the local traffic .
And within 415.4 thousand passengers carried out last year 60.2 thousand people were transported to the international and 355.2 thousand in the domestic traffic.
SCR CEO Victor Rebets instructed corresponding managers to hold a detailed examination of the situation and to take steps to ensure growth in freight and passenger traffic, attracting to the railway additional cargo volumes and new passengers .
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